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2014. 03. 06. 11:00:44
New 1.6.13 software resolves YouTube playback problems
The new 1.6.13 software is now available for download from our website. It fixes the YouTube playback issues on the following models: Amiko Mini HD, SHD-8110, HD8200 Series, HD8300 Series, HD8360, HD8840 Series & STHD-8820!
2014. 03. 06. 10:23:44
New Spark 1.2.71 release resolves YouTube playback issues
The new Spark 1.2.71 software is now available for download from Spark Online and our website, fixing the YouTube playback issues.
2013. 05. 22. 20:28:35
New Spark 1.2.65 version resolves boot issues
The new Spark 1.2.65 version is now available on our website for downloads, solving the startup issues caused by a corrupted weather forecast file on certain receivers.
2013. 05. 02. 12:46:14
Spark 1.2.64 is now available for Alien, Alien 2 & Alien 2+
The new Spark 1.2.64 release resolves an issue causing connection problems after startup with certain RT5370/RT3070 based WiFi adapters & an issue causing connection issues with the Huawei E171 / E303 3G modems. It's available for download from Spark Online & our website.
2013. 04. 18. 13:00:20
New software brings Kartina TV for HD Series models
The new 1.5.45 software is bringing the Russian Kartina TV service for the Amiko HD-8110, HD-8200 Series, HD-8300 Series, HD-8360 Series, HD-8840 Series, STHD-8820 & MiniHD models. Available for download from our website!
2013. 01. 04. 13:05:28
New 1.5.15 Software is Available for HD Series Models
The NEW 1.5.15 Software is available for our SHD-8110, HD-8200 Series, HD-8300 Series, HD-8840 Series, Mini HD & STHD-8820 models, fixing the YouTube Video playback issues.
2012. 12. 14. 13:12:11
Spark 1.2.60 brings Network Streaming for Alien / Alien2 models
The brand new Spark 1.2.60 release is available for download, bringing possibility to stream live channels to PC via local network, Unicable LNB support and much more for the Amiko SHD-8900 Alien, Alien2 & Alien2+ models!
2012. 10. 26. 08:06:07
Spark 1.2.58se is available
The Spark 1.2.58 Second Edition version resolves an issue on Amiko Alien & Alien2 causing an error message when using the "1" key for switching channel.
2012. 10. 15. 15:33:21
YouTube playback issue fixed on Spark
The latest 1.2.58 Spark release fixes the YouTube playback issues on our Amiko Alien & Alien2 models. Also bringing NovoeTV for Amiko Alien2!
2012. 10. 12. 14:37:40
YouTube playback issue fixed for the HD Series & Mini HD models
The new 1.4.87 software version is available for download from our website, fixing the YouTube playback issue, bringing improved manual PID support for hidden channels and fixing an issue affecting the manual time on the Mini HD model.
2012. 10. 11. 12:00:26
New Software Brings T2 Support for HD8200 Series
The new 1.4.85 software brings T2 support for the Amiko HD8200 Series!
2012. 06. 01. 09:01:13
Amiko Alien 2 receives Innovation Award by Tele-Satellite
The Amiko Alien 2 receives Tele Satellite Innovation Award - "Unbeatable combination of features and function - For excellent viewing pleasure"! The complete test report can be found here!
2012. 05. 24. 15:19:24
New Software is Available for Amiko Alien - 1.2.48!
New Software (1.2.48) is available for Amiko SHD-8900 Alien on www.amikostb.com and Spark Online! The new software brings updated 3G modem drivers with improved compatibility, improved SmartCard handling, Easy Keyboard layout switching in Opera, Improved Stability, and much more! For more information, please read the release notes inside the Software Package!
2012. 03. 06. 16:08:11
NEW Amiko Alien 2 - Coming Soon!
We announce, the New Amiko Alien 2 is coming soon, in three available models. The Triple Tuner version will feature a Terrestrial+Cable Hybrid Tuner along with two Satellite (S2) Tuners! For more exclusive informations, please visit our Facebook page at: www.facebook.com/AmikoSTB!
2012. 02. 28. 10:49:35
YouTube comes to HD8300 Series & STHD-8820
The new 1.4.09 version brings YouTube function to the HD8200 Series, HD8300 Series & STHD-8820 Combo models, and it is available for download now!